Women reentry

Social integration and inclusion after being in prison

with Pilar Larroulet and Catalina Droppelmann

The re-entry study is an intensive longitudinal project that follows more than 200 women released from prison in Santiago, Chile. It is funded by the San Carlos de Maipo and Colunga Foundation, and the Inter-American Development Bank. We used interviews over a period of one year to know their experiences on family life, housing, employment, social capital and health. Data collection finished in 2018. The final report is available here, for more publications see below.


journal articles

  1. ICJSD
    Who is transitioning out of prison? Characterising female offenders and their needs in Chile
    Larroulet, Pilar, Droppelmann, Catalina, Del Villar, Paloma, Daza, Sebastian, Figueroa, Ana, and Osorio, Victoria

working papers

  1. From Prison to Work: Job Patterns for Women in Chile
    Larroulet, Pilar, Daza, Sebastian, and Borquez, Ignacio
    Working paper (Under review)

technical reports

  1. Evaluación de Sesgo en Línea de Base
    Daza, Sebastian, and Larroulet, Pilar
  2. Integración Social
    Daza, Sebastian, Larroulet, Pilar, Villar, Paloma Del, Droppelmann, Catalina, and Figueroa, Ana
  3. Dise√Īo, Metodolog√≠a y CaracterizaciŌĆn de la Muestra
    Larroulet, Pilar, Daza, Sebasti√°n, Del Villar, Paloma, Droppelmann, Catalina, Figueroa, Ana, and Valenzuela, Eduardo
  4. Reinserción, Desistimientoy Reincidencia en Mujeres Privadas de Libertad en Chile
    Larroulet, Pilar, Daza, Sebasti√°n, Del Villar, Paloma, Droppelmann, Catalina, and Figueroa, Ana